Pepper Seared Tuna and Salmon with Wasabi Mayo Dip

Delicious flavour and a buttery texture make this seared tuna and salmon combo a crowd pleaser.

Roast Beef Sandwich

A mouth-watering roast beef sandwich topped with wasabi mayo that will satisfy any healthy appetite.

Crispy Mixed Salad with Quail Eggs

A crispy salad topped with quail eggs that's both tasty and satisfying.

Wafu® Niçoise

Inspired by a classic Salade Niçoise, with a Japanese-style twist.

Sushi Don Salad

Simply a raw delight.

Wasabi Tossed Seared Red Tuna Salad

Toss up your seared tuna salad with a little wasabi.

Healthy Quinoa Salad

Light and fresh, this flavourful salad can be served as a side dish or a main course.

Rapini Asparagus Sesame Salad

It's never been easier to enjoy your healthy greens with this tempting salad.

Hearty Brussel Sprout Tomato Rucola Salad

Stock up on stalks of Brussel sprouts because you will crave this salad often.

Four Bean Salad with Wasabi Edamame Dressing

A vegan salad perfect for an outdoor Summer gathering.

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